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the challenge

Entering one of the biggest market sounds very complicated. Vitalynx, a big company in Sweden, had the desire to challenge and enter the Chinese market, and we the Nordic Hub China, understand the hardships and difficulties it comes with it, that’s why we have made the procedure of entering the market easier.

our solution

With our long experience on the market, the right resources and a high qualified team, we have helped Vitalynx with the logistics set-up, import services, promotion of the product and entering major exhibitions such as CIIE, SIAL.

As you can see from the pictures, the first product of Vitalynx was very much plain and simple, and knowing that the consumer now value the design of a product, therefore we changed the design and made it more attractive to the Chinese consumer’s eyes. In addition, we helped them setting up e-commerce platform, and etc.

In results, it gave Vitalynx a basic understanding of the market, a firm stand and strong presence in the Chinese market.

Cold Hand Winery

the challenge

Back in 2010 Cold Hand Winery’s founder Jens Skovgaard found a vision of apple wine, an apple wine that is not cider nor the typical apple wine but a new, exclusive and more vinous expression. Jens‘s vision came to life when a large of frozen apple juice accidently leaked into the fridge. At Cold Hand Winery, they don’t use the traditional fresh fruit to make wine, instead the wines are made by frozen musts, which are crushed frozen fruits and destemmed into juice.

our solution

First and foremost, we at Nordic Hub China helped Cold Hand Winery have a firm stand in the market through exhibitions participation, which concludes China International Import Expo and more big exhibitions. More other we help Cold Hand Winery have a physical presence through exposing the products in the International Brands Pavilion, that brings together the most celebrated brands from various industry around the world to integrate the brands cultural experience and providing the Chinese consumer new products launch and giving them a comprehensive experience to appreciate acclaimed brands from around the world. In addition to all the solution mentioned, we helped Cold Hand Winery set up their own office, offered them warehouse services, trademark registration services and many more.

Big One Europe

At big one Europe, they love good food, great wine and football, therefore with their passion they want to honor all legendary football player with the name of Zoff, Rivera and Rossi.

the challenge

The big one Europe was in need of finding a trustworthy partner that can provide guidance, support and relevant services as the business develop, such as to help them set up an online shop with a B2C business model.

our solution

The solutions we have given to Big One Europe was run in multiple phases, which consisted of setting up an online and offline presence, product promotion, provide logistic services, company set-up services, and etc. After the program, they had a strong a presence in the market, a better understanding of the market and a great kickstart in the market. With this they can continue to grow strong.

Nordmarkens Distillery

Nordmarken’s distillery was born out of the founder’s passion in 2014 by Gunnar, Morgan and Ingmar. The distillery is operated by high qualified team who is very experienced and passionate about whisky and other spirits. They make amazing drinks and spirts based on their own produced vodka and malt whiskey. The distillery is based in Varmland county surrounded by swaying barley fields and fresh water.

the challenge

Nordmarkens had the desire and the will to break through the Chinese market, but they had the lack of understanding such a big market like the Chinese market. When it comes to understand the market, there are many aspects, such as the need of the consumers, product selection, consumers behavior, etc. In short, Nordmarkens Distillery did not have the knowledge of how to break through the Chinese market, which is one of the biggest market in the world.

our solution

This where Nordic Hub China comes into the picture. We wanted to give Nordmarkens Distillery the best of “how to break through” step by step strategy. A customized market entry program made for Nordmarkens Distillery, the program included initial preparation, which consisted of market investigation, product selection, and technical evaluation. More other in order to have a physical presence in the market, we have helped Nordmarken to set up product placement in Nordic Hub China showroom, Where the transport is very convenient, because it’s close to the airport, and railway station.

Uncharted Brewing Company

Uncharted Brewing Company is a small micro brewery in the Southern Sweden. The journey of the company is just like a romantic story. The founder Diarmuid Reidy from Ireland and Linda Reidy from Sweden met in Ireland and fell in love over a craft beer. Their common love for good food and drink is what brought them together and the idea of a microbrewery came alive.

the challenge

The big wall of international trade was in the way for Uncharted Brewing Company of entering the Chinese market. The company was in need of finding a trustworthy partner who had many years of experiences in the market and knows everything, from the little details to the big things.

our solution

The solution we give is a wholesome market entry program, which consist of strategic product evaluation, market investigation, test import, trademark registration, program management, big major exhibitions participation, distributions selection and many more. This strategy have given Uncharted Brewing Company an off and online presence in the market and an understanding of the market.


“Lissellas” have for many years produced organic mustard. For many years, the mustard seed have been grown locally and with these organic, locally grown mustard seed, Lissellas have been producing tasty mustard, sauces and other delicious things with their own recipe. “Lissellas” had the desire to spread the taste of Sweden to the Chinese consumers.

the challenge

We know that it’s not easy to enter a completely new market. It needs time to grasp the market and finding the niche, in this case Lissellas’s niche. The challenges that Lissellas faced includes understanding the market, the consumer’s need, the demand, what product will satisfy the consumer, etc. When you have an understanding of the market, then you will know how to face it, overcome it and succeed.

our solution

In order for Lissellas to have a real understanding of the Chinese market, in return they face, overcome and succeed the market, we have established a customized market entry program just for Lissellas. Within the market entry program, we have helped Lissellas customized the product according to the Chinese consumer, example the Chinese doesn’t recognize “S-special”, or Jul Senap”, so we changed the product name to “Nordic Spicy Mustard” and “Nordic Honey Mustard”, and”Nordic Salmon Sauce”, and it received a very positive feedback. Other things we have helped Lissellas includes market presence, both off and online, program management, exhibitions participation such as SIAL, CIIE, etc, trademark registration, import services and many more.

Live-streaming in China​

Livestreaming in China has for long time now been popular. According to a source, there are now 550 million people tuning into livestreams on a regular basis. It has become a trend for many companies to use it as marketing tool.