A platform for Nordic Life style products in China

The Nordic Hub China cooperation platform offers full support for Nordic lifestyle brands (focus on F&B, health, beauty, interior, and design) to showcase their products in China, study and try out the market and establish or develop their presence through an O2O, B2B and B2C omni-channel approach.

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And over 100 resellers and distributors covering Mainland China.

Nordic Hub China was founded to fill a need to have a centrally located show room to conveniently receive regional distributors from all over China and have enough space to be able to showcase a combination of current stock items and potential products for test marketing.

Nordic Hub is located next to the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, in convenient distance to the high speed train station and domestic airport.

Simplifying China.

Nordic Hub is open to all Nordic Brands with focus on consumer life style products manufactured in the Nordics. With 550 square meter exhibition space, restaurant, demonstration kitchen and a steady stream of events for both consumers and B2B customers The Nordic Hub  China is the ideal space for both test marketing programs as well as a permanent show room space where products and brands reinforce each other’s values.

Our website is in its early stages and more information is coming soon. Until then, feel free to visit our founding partners websites, web shops and social media or email us.