We help Nordic food and life style companies to take their first step into the China market

A platform for Nordic Life style products in China

The Nordic Hub China cooperation platform offers full support for Nordic lifestyle brands to take their first steps on the China market.

With a physical presence and a supporting team on the ground in China, it is possible to study, experiment and validate the product through an 020. B2B and B2C, on-line, off-line Omni-channel approach.

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and over 100 resellers and distributors covering Mainland China.

A business partner you can trust

China is a fast moving market. It is important to work with the right partners.
We will be your first partner guiding you through the many options and risks.

Nordic Hub China help setting up and operating websites, exhibitions participation, event marketing and business matchmaking.

We provide our client to have a physical presence on the Chinese market with a proof of concept, partner and distributor search stage, while they search for the best fit distributor partners.


We don’t just talk but we prove our capabilities.


A show room for China​

At Nordic Hub China we understand that business in China is done between people and the personal interaction needs to be given a chance to take place. A normal 3 days exhibition is usually not enough for this delicate process to be completed.

A physical presence during a longer time is necessary to be able to follow up on meetings, sample requests and discussions.

Our permanent show room in Shanghai is located next to the National Exhibition Center, the domestic airport and the Shanghai high speed train station ensuring easy access and a steady stream of B2B visitors.

Satellite show rooms around the country gives additional exposure.

Nordic Hub China

Nordic Hub is open to all Nordic Brands with focus on consumer life style products manufactured in the Nordics.

With 550 square meter exhibition space, restaurant, demonstration kitchen and a steady stream of events for both consumers and B2B customers The Nordic Hub China is the ideal space for both test marketing programs as well as a permanent show room space where products and brands reinforce each other’s values.






China International Import Expo (CIIE)

Having a presence in the China International Import Expo 2021 (CIIE 2021) give a great exposure for businesses. For us it was not an exception, joining CIIE 2021 gave us a great opportunity to promote our business and help our clients to set a foot in the Chinese market at the right place and time

Live-streaming in China​

Livestreaming in China has for long time now been popular. According to a source, there are now 550 million people tuning into livestreams on a regular basis. It has become a trend for many companies to use it as marketing tool.