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Livestreaming in China has for long time now been popular. According to a source, there are now 550 million people tuning into livestreams on a regular basis. It has become a trend for many companies to use it as marketing tool. Big companies like L’Oreal partner with big and well established live-streamers ( influencers) to generate sales, and depending on the companies goal. Consultancy McKinsey once said in a report last year “Live commerce has become table stakes for successful consumer companies in China and much of the rest of Asia“. According to South China Morning Post, last years single’s day the sales on e-commerce platform hit about US$151 billion gross merchandise value, this show how live-streaming has big impact on companies sales. With the help of a live-streamer a company can generate sales then a company would do in months.

The top most used livestreaming platform includes:

  • Xiaohongshu/Red
  • Douyin/ Tiktok
  • Bilibili
  • Taobao Live
  • Kuaishou

As for us, we use it both ways, we place our brand or product in a well established livestreamer’s, but we also have our own channel where we have our own employee do the livestreaming or invite a well established livestreamer on our channel. Currently we have a verified channel with over 30 000 followers in Douyin, commonly known as tiktok.

Not only do we do live-streaming, but we also do short videos content, showing the usage of the products and post it on our channel.

By doing live-streaming and short videos, can we increase the traffic to our sales platforms, such as Taobao, T-mall and more.


We don’t just talk but we prove our capabilities.



China International Import Expo (CIIE)

Having a presence in the China International Import Expo 2021 (CIIE 2021) give a great exposure for businesses. For us it was not an exception, joining CIIE 2021 gave us a great opportunity to promote our business and help our clients to set a foot in the Chinese market at the right place and time