We provide programs that can be executed step-by-step, to reduce risk and maximize learning in the Chinese market.

The Market

Nordic design and life style has become very popular in China in the recent years. H&M and IKEA has led the way, but Several Chinese owned Chains such as Nome, OCE, ZaoZuo etc. market Nordic design made in China.

This goes for F&B as well. The Chinese market landscape is complex and rapidly changing, the Client would need to find their niche, that’s why an on-line/off-line strategy is probably needed.

It is very difficult to get success with zero brand equity with on-line only strategy, that’s why a market presence and experience need to be built up.

The market entry program

The program

A Market entry in China can be a daunting endeavor and should be considered a project for start-up or already a renowned company with deep learning opportunities.

Nordic Hub China works in close collaboration with Scandic Sourcing who has over 12 years’ experience of helping international companies entering the Chinese market, Nordic Hub China facilitates and supports China market entry in close collaboration with our clients based on expectations and years of experience.

Basic Foundation

It is essential to establish the basic foundation before committing to a full market entry project. This is to enable the Client to enter the China market in a multi step approach to minimize risk and enable testing and learning on the way.


At Nordic Hub China, with the right resources, tools and a supporting team, we help you prepare throughout for your entry in the Chinese market, even the things you have not thought about.

Step 1

Product selection

Step 2

Trade mark registration

Step 3

Market survey

Step 4

Sample import

Step 5

Test import


We have many years of experiences in the Chinese market and helping the companies enter one of the world’s biggest market. With our experiences, knowledges and your products or business, we help you set up a strong strategy, in order to reach your Chinese goal and have a strong presence in the market, at the same time limiting the risk that may come.

020, B2B, and B2C

Offline setup/distribution strategy

Major events participation

E-commerce selection

Sales Initiative

Nordic Hub China helps you set up sales plan designed just for your company that is strong and effective. With the e-commerce growing in China, we help our clients set-up their own e-commerce shop, such as wechat store, T-mall, Taobao, etc.

We can proudly say that we have over 100 distributor in over 20 provinces all other China. With that said, we help our client and partner them with the right distributor.

To ensure the quality of our services and ensure the success of the program, before the start of the official sale, we do first a test sale and observe the needs and likes of the Chinese consumer.

Offline Initiation

Online initiation

Test Sale

Distribution selection


We, at Nordic Hub China have a high qualify marketing team specialized in market penetration. We help set up a marketing plan fit for the Chinese consumer and their needs.

The increase of social media users gives many companies and organizations opportunities to easily approach the target consumers. That’s why We, at Nordic Hub China helps our clients have a presence in the social media world to target our consumers.

Marketing promotions

Event participation

Marketing Plan

Social Media


We don’t just talk but we prove our capabilities.