China International Import Expo (CIIE)

China, being the worlds’ biggest market, established the fourth edition of CIIE to create a streamline entry for food and many other industries into the promising market, according to foreign diplomats. Damien Plan, the Counselor for Agriculture of the EU delegation to China, stated that China is a high growth potential market with a massive growing middle class that possesses a strong demand and appetite for the iconic European food. Also, Katja Goodhew, Minister Counselor for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries at the Embassy for the Kingdom of Denmark, stated that CIIE is a good marketing platform to promote businesses and products to the buyers.


Just as both diplomats stated, having a presence in the China International Import Expo 2021 (CIIE 2021) gives a great exposure for businesses. For us it was not an exception, joining CIIE 2021 gave us a great opportunity to promote our business and help our clients to set a foot in the Chinese market at the right place and time.

Anamma, a Swedish plant-based brand launched its China journey through CIIE 2021. The Chinese Youth have increased awareness and engagement with sustainability and vegan
cuisine. Furthermore, China’s strong Buddhist presence in the country refrains from eating meat. China has already pledged to see carbon emissions cut by 2030 and be carbon-neutral by 2060. The launch was a success as many potential distributors showed interest.

In addition to the food and beverage industry, CIIE gives foreign companies a firm stand in the Chinese market within the fashion industry. We have helped VOGT Stockholm enter the Chinese market through CIIE. VOGT is a fresh, strong identity underpinned by clean Scandinavian design and premium craftsmanship from Italian Artisans for women who craft and own their style path in their search for uniqueness and authenticity.

Through CIIE, VOGT had a great start in terms of reaching and promoting to the right clients, right distributors. Overall CIIE is one of the greatest ways to integrate into the Chinese market.

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