She desired to have sex and you can Leonard provided to they

The fresh new Stockholm Problem

Bernadette and Wolowitz leave their babies the very first time; Penny and you will Leonard keep a secret; Sheldon and you may Amy adhere together; and you may Koothrappali helps make yet another buddy, as gang journey with her on the a keen uncharted coming. [1]

Extended Plot

2 months immediately after choosing Sheldon and you will Amy’s Nobel Award news, Sheldon and you will Leonard are noticed fixing the fresh new DNA design once a few days out of performs. Leonard in fact think it is enjoyable. Sheldon constructed this new design just like the an inherited code to possess an advanced competition away from people. Cent and Amy go back regarding tailor’s into clothing might wear for the Nobel Honor ceremony inside Stockholm, Sweden. Amy’s skirt needed to be assist when you look at the and you can Penny’s needed to be discrete, and that pleased Amy. Cent thanked their family members to your clothes and the flight tickets. Amy informed me it was very important because of their family to help you display the moment together with them. The brand new Coopers return to Apartment 4B very Amy can show him clothes and you will Sheldon can be behavior their speech. As soon as Sheldon and Amy hop out, Leonard requires Penny when the Amy guessed something towards why she necessary her dress let out. No. The woman is expecting. Leonard is actually happy no matter if Cent have not yet wrapped the lady direct as much as they. Leonard seems covered. Cent quips that in case they had wrapped something different, they wouldn’t be in this instance. In addition to, this woman is not yet ready to share with their household members. It simply happened shortly after she went consuming which have Sheldon two months ago. At this time, it plan to do it now, and therefore Cent doesn’t have procedure agreeing so you can since she are unable to score a whole lot more expecting.

Bernadette try talking-to the woman son Neil in the going away getting a short time once the she picks him up. Howard earns Halley, who is a huge lady and simply went on the toilet. They feel great about leaving them with Stuart and you can Denise, no matter if Bernadette dreams she doesn’t miss Neil’s very first terms and conditions, or even in Howard’s situation, Stuart’s past words. It the first time in many years they will be aside and you can alone together with her, within their hotel to their large bed, they want to. sleep its asses of.

Raj was making Cinnamon throughout the proper care of Bert. The guy expectations that he can also be focus lady together with her. Bert in addition to states he will score someone else identical to the woman, however, if she passes away for the your. Simply kidding. Bert will simply give a concerned Raj one to she died when the she does.

Amy is during her dress and you will passes it well together with her tiara. Sheldon starts understanding his speech very quickly to have it significantly less than 1.5 instances. Amy suggests cutting the story away from their young people, regardless of if he put it into connect with anyone. He plus listings a lot of people who mentioned that he’d never ever earn a beneficial Nobel. The guy decided that they carry out rue the day and then he wants in order for they are filled up with rue. Amy feels that the Nobel Award is to he accepted with humility; although not, Sheldon believes one humility is for these other Nobel Prizes kinds comfort, chemistry, books and not usually the one to own physics, and that displeases Amy.

Before going toward airport during the their pre-travels meeting, Sheldon demonstrates to you that they are every ambassadors to own your and you will Amy and that they must be on their better choices. Amy gives them tips about how to connect with the new Swedish some body. Feel fast. Shake every person’s give when public situations begin and are done. Sheldon reminds Penny to view the girl liquor consumption because the it’s 100 % free with the planes in operation classification. Penny says one to she won’t be drinking. As to why? Bernadette asks in the event the she actually is pregnant. Zero. She only cannot drink went she flies. Bernadette explains you to definitely Cent perform take in anyplace, and from the bath. They prepare to depart and attempt to discover different ways discover somebody and you will luggage towards the recently doing work lift. In the end, using Leonard’s suggestion, new luggage goes down brand new lift alone as well as the gang looks like strolling on the stairways during the last date.