Scarecrow succeeded within his activity although the brand new Joker signed brand new past servings from their package, nevertheless behind the scenes

They fundamentally wound-up toward a commandeered boat similar to the one in “Til Passing Perform Us Area”, ingesting drink within the an intimate form into earlier in the day people fastened upwards at the side of her or him. When one of several residents mentioned regarding how they certainly were dinner, the fresh new Joker and you can Harley put him or her overboard to a life raft, laughing together with her. Harley including gave him a referral which he keeps his tower come out away from below ground so you’re able to scare anyone “including a jack-in-the-box”, that Joker try unusually responsive to. Harley is shocked and delighted by this, that Joker brushed regarding given that her become “another grasp”, even though he didn’t a little agree that she try “the dog owner”, and you may insisted that the phrase was “new scholar becomes a king equivalent to the initial grasp, yet not with increased expertise than just you to definitely master”. But, Harley got this so you can mean that the fresh new Joker are today okay together with her leaving your, and he said he need she has been around since separate eventually.

Batman then arrived to interrupt its food, of which part the newest Joker from another location triggered a chopper to leave in the and you can blasted Batman away having good grenade. Upcoming, within the deliberate mirroring throughout the day he abandoned Harley to the a good yacht inside the “Til Death Create You Part”, the guy generated because if to leave alone but rather allowed her to flee which have him, much so you’re able to Harley’s contentment. She squealed into the fulfillment and you may anticipate when he grabbed her inside the his fingers, and you will together they certainly were raised with the sky from the their chopper from Batman’s come to. Nonetheless thrilled, Harley confessed one she accustomed dream of in the long run leaking out with her which have him, so the Joker charmingly told you he decided not to log off her once the the guy necessary the woman, from which point they began to kiss heatedly. Then, just as Batman’s Batplane flew right up near the helicopter, although Harley was a student in brand new bliss of hobbies, he pushed the girl out from the chopper so you’re able to their demise, chuckling maniacally as Batman are compelled to break the lady fall and you may allow your to escape.


Despite not and also make a looks, the brand new Joker remained active behind the scenes, promoting his intentions to get their revenge on Legion out-of Doom. Already, Scarecrow had been successful from inside the capturing Poison Ivy, and you will designed to use this lady pheromones so you’re able to mutate Gotham Town Park trees towards ravenous plant beasts.

“Harley Quinn Road”

Thus far he previously currently sought out Queen away from Myths, stepping into an alliance along with her to ensure she you certainly will rub out the Fairness Category after they arrived to manage this new plant monsters. The Joker needed to would today was to end up their tower, which could shoot up regarding the floor (while the Harley suggested) and you can wreck new Legion out-of Doom head office in the act, leaving him into Edmonton hookup website the complete power over Gotham Town.

“Devil’s Snare”

Most of the Joker’s agreements involved fruition, which have King from Misconceptions trapping the new Justice Category in her storybook and you can sending Harley and her crew for the clouds becoming slain by giant of Jack and Beanstalk. In just the fresh Legion off Doom kept when deciding to take their payback into, the guy triggered his now-completed tower, bursting the newest Legion head office and you can establishing the brand new tower into the air where it endured. Then he shown themselves for the town, mocking the existing Legion of Doom to possess admitting “one second-rates clown that have a cheap color jobs” to their ranks. A short while later, the guy well known with King out-of Stories, until the guy realized that Harley Quinn and her staff survived, very he recommended she end him or her out of.