Give Tinder A Fake Location: Your Best Guide for iOS and Android

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps for both Android and iOS users. Its ease of use, significant match pool, and sleek design make it an excellent option for people looking to hook up, find a date, or find a serious relationship. shaadi By default, Tinder uses your GPS position to find matches in your area. However, you can give Tinder a fake location so you can chat with people anywhere around the world!

If being able to talk with people anywhere around the world sounds appealing to you, let’s dive into why you’d want to fake GPS Tinder and how you would change Tinder location.

How to Fake Tinder Location on iOS Devices?

There are 3 ways to fool your iPhone and iPad into thinking you are somewhere else in the world: iMyFone AnyTo, Tinder Passport, and Cydia apps.

1 Change GPS Location on Tinder by iMyFone AnyTo

The fastest and easiest way to change Tinder location, by far, is to use iMyFone AnyTopatible with Windows and Mac OS, this beautiful software allows anyone, regardless of technical skill, to set their GPS location to be anywhere in the world. If you want to make your iOS/Android Devices think you’re in Brazil, with a couple of clicks, you can trick your device into thinking you’re there!

iMyFone AnyTo is so simple to use to fool Tinder with a fake location that it only takes 4 steps.

Step 1. Use the site to download and launch iMyFone AnyTo. A welcome screen will appear, and click “Get started”.

Step 2. It should prompt you to connect your iOS device. Please do so. Once you connect the device, the iOS map should load.

Step 3. Click on the “Teleport” icon in the upper-right corner. Type the location where you want Tinder to think you are in the upper-left text box. Or you can choose the place by zooming in or out the map.

Step 4. A “Move” button should appear. Click on that. Your iPhone’s GPS should instantaneously teleport to the location you selected.

2 Spoof Tinder Location by Tinder Passport

Another way to change your Tinder location is to use Tinder Passport. Tinder officially supports this feature, and, much like iMyFone AnyTo, it lets you select any location in the world. You can then begin receiving matches and chatting as if you were really in that area.

If you’d still prefer to pay for and use Tinder Passport, changing your location is very easy to do within the app.

Your profile can be visible to new users in your selected location. Now you can start chatting with people in your virtual location!

3 Change Tinder Location by Cydia Apps

If you’re willing to jailbreak your iPhone, one option to give Tinder a fake location is through Cydia apps. There are a few Cydia apps that accomplish this, but one of the more popular ones is the “Anywhere!” app. The app’s language is in Chinese, but it’s so straightforward that anyone should be able to follow what to do.

If you have a jailbroken device and can install “Anywhere!” here are the steps to use it to fake GPS Tinder.