Nordic Hub China is one of the few Swedish exhibitors at China import exhibition in Shanghai. (2020.11)

On Thursday Nov 5, 2020, the China International Import Exhibition will start in Shanghai. Nordic Hub China will participate and bring 10 Swedish brands looking for entry to the Chinese market.

“Just now there is a tremendous opportunity to go into the Chinese market for European and Swedish food and lifestyle brands. The economy has recovered after Covid-19 and brands from US are shunned by channels due to the trade war, says Per Linden, founder of Nordic Hub China.

The Chinese economy grew by 4.9% in the third quarter this year.

Nordic Hub China was started as a show room for Scandic Foods Asia but was in 2018 put as a separate entity and to function as a B2B platform for market entry for general food and lifestyle products from the Nordic countries to China. Today Nordic Hub China offers a 550 m2 show room with daily distributor activities and market support for brand initiation and test marketing.

“China is a large and expanding consumer market but a market entry into China is not a one shot procedure. A local presence need to be established to work on building up trust and recognition with local distributors. Our role is to be the connection point where we can offer permanent presence and marketing activities and services between the large exhibitions”, Says Klaus Nielsen, General Manager for Nordic Hub China.

CIIE is an exhibition on initiative of President Xi Jing Ping and is now running the third time in Shanghai during November 5-11, 2020. It purpose is to raise consumption level in China and to improve balance of trade. About 900,000 visitors from all over China has been requested to attend the 6 day exhibition.

Other Swedish brands that will participate is Volvo, IKEA, ABB, Astra Zeneca etc. Sweden participated in CIIE 2018 and 2019 but has no national pavilion this year.

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