In 2017 Nordic Hub China was launched by Scandic Foods Asia and iQubator as a result of both party’s cooperation. In 2018, Nordic Hub China’s B2B showroom of 556 was launched in Greenland Commodities Trading Hub at Hongqiao Shanghai alongside F&B and design products with B2C traffic opened 7 days a week. The showroom has expanded to Nanjing, Jinan, Harbin, Hangzhou and a restaurant in downtown shanghai, located on Nanjing east road.

Our mission is to spread the Nordic lifestyle into the Chinese market by bringing Nordic lifestyle and design products into the Chinese market through our 500+ distributors and retailers all over China. We also serve as a bridge between Chinese and Nordic business organizations by providing market entry facilitators like market investigation, import service, back-end support, warehousing, etc. We make it easier for Nordic F&B and design brands to test and enter the Chinese market.


stage 1, The project of Nordic Hub China launched in cooperation with ENIITO and Powerstation Arts.


Stage 2, Opening of the first Nordic Hub China in Greenland Commodity Trading Hub in Hongqiao


Stage 3, Nordic Hub China expand to 556 square meter showroom in Hongqiao and strengthen the cooperation with Greenland Commodity Trading Hub.


Stage 4, Nordic Hub China expand with 3 additional showrooms in Jinan, Ningbo and Harbin.


Stage 5, Nordic Hub China showroom in Wuhan, Tianjin and Xi’an is coming soon.

  • Scandic Foods Asia

Veteran F&B importer and well-renowned business developer within Nordic foods in China. Scandic Foods Asia has over time developed 3 strategic distribution channels, which are premium retail stores and about 400 direct supply stores, distributors network, where they reach 10.000 stores all over China through their over 100 regional distributors.

  • Scandic Sourcing

Scandic Sourcing offers market entry consulting, accounting and HR services, Sourcing services, and quality control. They have over 12 years of experience in helping international companies enter the Chinese market. The clients range from SME to multinational companies.

  • Greenland

The dominant property developer in China with 25 shopping malls. Plan imported goods Showroom centers in all big cities. Greenland Global Commodities Trading Hub (G-Hub) was built specially to support China International Import Expo by Greenland Business and Trade Group. It is a full category, Omni channel, and normalized one-stop trading service platform for imported commodities in Shanghai.

  • RUI BEI Supply chain

4PL and online platform operator providing import, warehousing, pick and pack, dispatch services for online and offline clients.

  • iQubator

iQubator is an incubator and accelerator for international start-ups, entrepreneurs, and SME to establish or get started in the Chinese market. iQubator helps its client to act, invoice, and pay costs without having a legal entity in China. The services they provide are advisory, administration, and business support for rapid deployment and full support.

Nordic Hub China helps set up and operate websites, exhibitions participation, event marketing, and business matchmaking. We provide our clients to have a physical presence on the Chinese market with a proof of concept, partner, and distributor search stage, we help them build a solid foundation for market entry in China. In addition, other services we provide are training and experience programs.

The service packages we offer include:

  • Market investigations
  • Import service
  • Back-end support
  • Warehousing
  • showroom